Our horses are the super stars of the ranch. Meet our horses and learn about our horse rescue program.

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Trigger Dusty walking on a dusty trail

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Our Horses

Our horses thrive in a community with their peers. They graze in our fields and earn their keep by offering our guests a "horsepitable" trail ride twice a day.

Squanto, the horse, with a saddle on his back

Personal Connections

Guests often find a favorite horse that they really connected with while on the daily trail rides. Guests will fall so in love with their favorite horses, that they will request that horse again on their next visit, or keep an eye for updates about their horse on social media.


In the busy and hot summer months, we give the horses Sundays as their day off work. Read more about trail policies.

Horses Honey and Painted TJ Smile
Retired Horse, Thunder, in a grassy field


Our horses come to us in various conditions, but when the right age comes, we offer them a gentle retirement.

Meet the Horses

Meet the Horses

With their unique personalities, learn why our guests love our horses by name.
Horse Rescue

Horse Rescue

We have a place in our hearts for the well-being of horses. We are not just a tourist ranch, we also serve as a horse sanctuary.
In Memoriam

In Memoriam

We were blessed to have the company of our parted and beloved horses.