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Mayan Ranch Map
Pool Tennis Courts Lodge / Conference Center Medina River Basketball Court Outdoor Dining Area Goats, Small Horses, Donkeys Giant Checkers Shuffleboard Dinosaur Tracks Ping Pong 31 - 36 Stairs Roadway Intersection 10 - 11 9 8 Mayan Office Area Cowboy Breakfast Area Corral 5, 6, 7A, 7B 68 1 Ghost Town / Hicksville


Waterfall feature of pool at Mayan Dude Ranch

Aerial view of the pool at Mayan Dude Ranch

Pool view at sunset

Fountain at pool.Pool fountain at sunset

Tennis Courts

Tennis Court

tennis courts aerial view

tennis courts

Lodge / Conference Center

lodge on overlook

aerial view of lodge

Medina River

man holding a tiny fish

Bandera River at Mayan Dude Ranch

Ducklings at Bandera River

Wild fish in the Bandera River at Mayan Dude Ranch

rio grande frog swimming

Ducklings and mother on shores of Bandera River

Basketball Court

Children playing soccer at scenic hillside.

Outdoor Dining Area

Rancher serving a drink for a patron at the outdoor bar.

Guests lining up for steak night

Outdoor bar.

Guests in outdoor dining area

Outdoor bar.

Goats, Small Horses, Donkeys

Burro - A donkey in a pen

Two donkeys eating hay.

Good looking goat.

Mini horses eating feed.

Goats eating feed.

Giant Checkers

Large checkers ourdoors


Outdoors shuffleboard at sunset

Dinosaur Tracks

Jurassic Judy near dino tracl

Ping Pong

Ping pong table with paddle and ball

Ping Pong table room at sunset

31 - 36

Outdoor shot of cabins.

Outdoor shot of motel rooms, focused on wood benches.


Pathway walking downhill from cabins to the main area.

Roadway Intersection

Guests walking towards the steak night dinner.

10 - 11

Outdoor view of cabins at sunset.

Outdoor view of cabin door at sunset.


Wood benches at sunset.

Outdoor view of cabins at sunset.


Truck driving away from cabin area.

Wagon wheel.

Outdoor view of cabins at sunset.

Wooden swing bench.

Outdoor view of cabins at sunset on cliff ledge.

Mayan Office Area

cowboy singers

Outdoor table overlooking ranch festivities.

Outdoor dining area, overlooking a cliff edge

common room

front office entry

Guests gathered in the dining area for Bingo Night

Bar at night at Mayan Dude Ranch

gift shop

Cowboy Breakfast Area

BBQ pit at cowboy breakfast

Timmy serving cowboy breakfast at Mayan Dude Ranch

Hot drink served at Cowboy Breakfast at Mayan Dude Ranch


The horse named Biscuit

5, 6, 7A, 7B

Outdoor view of cabins at sunset.


Outdoor shot of cabins, with many trees.


Outdoor photo of cabins

Ghost Town / Hicksville

Ghost town / Hicksville

Download PDF (926KB)   Download Map as JPEG